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You can help to minimise the impact your RA has on your body by taking your medication as prescribed. However, this can be easier said than done and keeping on top of your treatment can sometimes be tough, especially if you are feeling unwell.

Use the downloadable  TRACK Diary to keep a note of your medications, RA symptoms and how you have been feeling. This is a great way to record how your treatment is going so next time you see your rheumatologist, you can show them exactly how you have been doing since your last appointment.

Download Track Diary


The 'RA Unspoken campaign' is a collaborative project between Arthritis Care, Roche Products Ltd. and Chugai Pharma UK Ltd and is aimed at people with rheumatoid arthritis. The project has been initiated and funded by Roche Products Ltd. and Chugai Pharma UK Ltd.

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